Newsletter October 2023

Dear Partners,

We are very proud over the northern town of Žatec and the surrounding hop-growing landscape that just been granted UNESCO World Heritage status, becoming the 17th Czech entry on the list. Without this Czech national treasure, Czech beer and many of the world’s beer brands wouldn't have stood a chance.

Autumn is here and in Czechia autumn is a season devoted to wine festivals, lantern parades, and color-drenched hikes. Czech autumn traditions are deeply rooted in the pagan past.
Czechia is also home to some of the most magical Christmas markets in Europe. You can enjoy different types of punch, mulled wine, real donkeys in the nativity scen or romp on the Christmas ice rink under the open sky...
Strong on safety, friendliness, and transport – Prague has been ranked as the second-best destination in the world for solo travelers, according to a new study. Data from Google shows that Prague’s Václav Havel Airport is ranked the fifth-best airport in the whole of Europe this year. The airport 2030 development plans will bring 200 direct connections37 long-haul routes, and 10,000 parking places. Last but not least, the airport will be carbon neutral.

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