The most highly-valued landmark in Kolín is the Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, the work of renowned architect Petr Parléř, who also worked on the construction of the Cathedral St. Vitus in Prague Castle. The belfry of Kolín cathedral is open to the public and serves as an observation point.

Church, synagogue, gallery and museum

In addition to the picturesque Karlov Square with City Hall and the Gothic Church of St. Bartholomew with bell tower, the surviving walls of the Práchovna bastion and several churches are also worth seeing. A major portion of the Jewish ghetto has also been preserved in the historic center of the city. Its jewel is the Renaissance synagogue, founded in the late 14th and early 15th centuries; let us invite you to explore its priceless interior!

Another place you should see with your own eyes is the Gallery of the City of Kolín in the former rehearsal hall of the Municipal Theater, and several museums. The Dvořák Museum on Prehistoric Kolín focuses on archeology, with an exhibition in the Červinkov House dedicated to period hygiene and body care.

Water park, hooting trains and commemorative events

If you are traveling with children, you can enjoy a variety of water activities in Kolín at the local water park. If you like cruises, you can go for a tour along the River Elbe with the boat Kolinea, which is berthed at Kmochova Island. You can also take a ride on a train traveling on the restored narrow-gauge track, which was once used for gathering beet along the Elbe. Several places in the area also commemorate the Battle of Kolín in 1757 between Austria and Prussia; commemorative events are annually held there. A monument on a hill near the village of Křečhoř stands on the site where the main part of the battle took place.

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