Internationale Pressereisen der Stadt Pilsen 2022

24 – 27 May (Tue – Fri) Golden Path

The Golden Trail runs in Pilsen Region along the borders of the Czech Republic and Germany. Here you will find beautiful nature of Šumava mountains. In this hectic time is the area ideal for relax and active recreation too.
  • 24. 5. Arrival in afternoon.16 o´clock programme in Pilsen – guided visit in the city centre.
  • 25. 5. Vintířova stezka (pilogrimage trail) – excursion circuit Hartmanice - Jewish synagogue, Dobrá Voda – museum, church of st. Vintíř with unique glass altar, Březník – Rovina (approx 5 km), can be extended back to Hartmanice - totally less than 9 km.
  • Annín Glassworks – museum and smelter visit. Srní Visitor center - the wolf enclosure with the footbridge passing through the enclosure.
  • 26. 5. Modrava, bike rental, bike trip from Modrava to Březník. Březník. Kašperské Hory - museum, Kašperk – castle tour
  • 27. 5. Pilsen and visit of Pilsner Urquell brewery. Afternoon – departure.

 9 – 12 June (Thu – Sun) Puppet tradition in Pilsen and puppet festival “Skupa´s Pilsen” 

The tradition of Czech Puppeteering has been listed into the UNESCO.  Pilsen is one of the most important places related to the traditional Czech art. The programme of the presstrip is commented by visit of top tourist sites.
  • 9. 6. Beginning of the tour 17 o´clock
  • 10. 6. Guided tour of the historic city centre
  • Visit of the puppet Theatre Alfa – workshops where puppets are made, interviews with puppet masters, actors and the director of Theatre Alfa
  • Puppet festival Skupas´ Pilsen - puppet performance for children
  • Guided tour of the Puppet museum
  • 11. 6. Performance of “Bouda theatre” for children and visit of their archive
  • Workshop with Animanie – discover how to create an animated movie
  • Visit of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, guided tour of Adolf Loos interiors
  • Free time to enjoy vivid city and it´s garden restaurants
  • 12. 6. End of the tour around noon

23 – 26 August (Tue - Fri) West Bohemian Baroque architecture and Baroque landscape  

These days of the press trip we will take you to the area of ​​northern Pilsen to visit monumental sites and Baroque monuments. Part of the presstrip trip to Pilsen nature and it´s beautifull landscape. Last day you will enjoy the festival “Living street” in Pilsen.
  • 23. 8. Beginning 16 o´clock programme in Pilsen – guided visit in the city centre
  • 24. 8. Trip to Pilsen Region: Plasy – monastery, Museum of Northern Pilsen Region in Marianska Tynice, microbrewery Knizeci in Plasy. Manetin chateau
  • Accommodation in Pilsen region.  
  • 25. 8. Rabštejn nad Střelou – short hike around the smallest city in the central Europe or rafting boat ride on Berounka river (calm river, no rapids). Evening festival Living street in Pilsen. Accommodation in Pilsen.
  • 26. 8. Visit of Pilsner Urquell brewery
  • after lunch end of the tour.

16 – 18 September (Fri – Sun) Microbreweries, Festival Sun In The Glass

The festival of microbreweries Sun in the Glass takes place in the microbrewery Purkmistr in the area of Pilsen - Černice. The whole presstrip is devoted to the beer.
  • 16. 9. Beginning of the tour at 16 o´clock
  • Guided tour of the historic city centre including visit of Patton Memorial Pilsen
  • 17. 9. Trip to Pilsen region – Dobřív water mill and military museum in Rokycany
  • 17. 9. Festival Sun in the Glass (beer-tasting of various microbreweries, beer programme, interviews with beer masters)
  • Pilsen beer culture – various beer pubs and bars
  • Museum of Trabant
  • 18. 9. Pilsner Urquell Brewery – visit and beer-tasting
  • Beer spa in Purkmistr
  • 18. 9. End of the tour on Sunday after lunch

7 – 9 October (Fri – Sun) Pilsner fest

Pilsner Fest – the grand traditional festival offering the freshest Pilsner Urquell beer, concerts of the best Czech bands and an abundant accompanying programme. 
  • 7. 10. Beginning of the tour at 16 o´clock
  • Guided tour of the historic city centre (Great Synagogue, St. Bartholomew Cathedral, garden circle, Republic Square, Adolf Loos Interiors, etc.). Dinner in a typical Czech restaurant with Pilsner Urquell beer.
  • Pilsen Region – Starý Plzenec (Bohemia Sekt – visit of the production of Czech sparkling wine, wine tasting), Radyne castle, St. Peter and Paul rotunda
  • Pilsner Fest individually (different music bands, beer toast, food tasting, etc) .
  • Pilsner Urquell brewery with beer tasting in the cellars, Pilsner Underground
  • 9. 10. After lunch end of the tour

2 – 4 December (Fri – Sun) Pilsen in Christmas time

During the Advent period, Pilsen has a totally different look, enjoy its unique atmosphere at the time.
  • Beginning of the tour at 15 o´clock
  • Guided tour of the historic city centre – special Christmas themed tour in the decorated and illuminated city centre. Free time in the Christmas market.
  • Puppet museum and Museum of West Bohemia, Adolf Loos Interior
  • Pilsen Urquell brewery – visit and beer tasting
  • Purkmistr – beer spa, visit of the microbrewery
  • Czech Christmas habits (decoration of Christmas cookies, etc.), Taste of Czech Christmas traditional cuisine
  • End of the tour on Sunday 4 December around noon

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This programme is organized and funded by Pilsen – TOURISM, Pilsen Region and CzechTourism.
Changes of programme reserved.

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