Internet, phones and electricity

Internet, phones and electricity

Internet, phones and electricity
Internet, telephone and electricity networks in the Czech Republic.
The technology for broadband connection to the Internet is widespread throughout the territory of the Czech Republic, except for few outlying areas. You should be able to easily connect to the internet under common technical.



Wireless connection to the Internet is available in many places of the Czech Republic. Normally it is offered by restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels or libraries and means of transport, such as certain trams, buses and trains. You can easily connect with your tablet, laptop or Smartphone.

Mobile connection

If you have prepaid internet with your provider, you can use it even in the Czech Republic. Big cities like PragueBrnoPlzeňOstrava and other, are covered with high-speed networks.
From the summer of 2017, the European Union regulation starts to apply, banning mobile operators from charging extra roaming fees for voice services, text messaging and data. As from 2017, all citizens of the European Union will be charged per minute of call, sent messages and internet connection in the EU countries at the same price as they would have paid in their home state.

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The international dialling code of the Czech Republic is +420 (00420).
Same as in other European countries, mobile phones operate on the frequencies of 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. Although other states may use a different frequency, like 1900 MHz in the United States, newer phones work in any network.
There are several mobile operators in the Czech market, like O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile or U:fon, offering postpaid packages as well prepaid cards for those who want to use their phone without a contract.
Recommendation: If you're considering buying a prepaid sim card, make sure that your phone is not blocked by another operator.
If you need to quickly find a phone number, taxi or other information and you do not have access to the Internet or time to search, just call 11 88, where they will find the requested information for you. The operators speak English, Russian, French and Slovak.
Tip: Big companies and public authorities have toll free lines starting with 800.
Czech Republic still has phone booths for those without a mobile phone. You only need coins coin or a prepaid card.


The electrical network in the Czech Republic has a voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz.
The sockets are the same as in France, Germany, Belgium or Poland. If you are using an appliance with a different ending, use a universal adaptor, whether ordinary or one that changes the voltage and frequency.