Podyjí National Park

Podyjí National Park

Get to know the “Czech Amazon” in the Podyjí National Park

Even though it is the smallest Czech national park, the Podyjí National Park is among the most important natural sites in Central Europe. Here you will find an exceptionally well-preserved river valley in a richly wooded landscape full of breathtaking scenery. Among the meanders of the Dyje (Thaya) River is a unique reserve which will enchant you with its charm, warm climate and the many ways to enjoy its beauty.

The Podyjí National Park is located right on the border with Austria, where it becomes the Thayatal National Park. Due to the restrictions of the Iron Curtain the area was completely inaccessible for many years. The local landscape was thus preserved in its purest form. The Dyje River slowly twists, turns and meanders, and on its banks you’ll see rocks, vineyards, meadows blooming with thermophilous flowers, and sunny orchards full of fragrant fruit. It’s an area which is just perfect for romantic walks.

Butterflies and orchids at every step

Thanks to ample sunshine, a mild climate, and the highest level of protection for the local landscape, innumerable varieties of plants and animals are found here. During your walks along the many kilometres of marked hiking trails you can observe rare butterflies on Fládnitzké Moor, spot green lizards on Havranické Moor, discover the nightlife of bats at the mysterious ruins of Nový Hradek (meaning New Castle), or marvel at the beauty of blossoming pasque flowers near the Hájský Stream. With any luck you will see the symbol of the national park flying overhead: the black stork.

The best vineyards in Europe? The Rhine, Rhône and Dyje valleys!

The Podyjí National Park offers visitors a wide variety of ways to discover the natural beauty of the park. You can just stroll around all day and enjoy the lovely local landscape, or you can set off on one of the many nature trails and climb the popular Vraní skála (Crow Rock). Don’t neglect a trip to the Šobes Vineyard, which, thanks to its sunny south-facing slope sheltered from the wind, ranks among the top 10 wine regions in Europe. In warm weather you can ride here along marked cycling trails to taste the delicious local white wine.




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