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Mūsų tikslas paprastas: skatinti žmones apsilankyti Čekijoje. Dalinamės patikimomis ir išsamiomis žiniomis apie Čekiją – modernią šalį, kurios gamtos grožis, nepaprasta kultūra ir įdomi istorija žavi turistus iš viso pasaulio. Oficialiai kalbant, Čekijos turizmo centrinė agentūra – CzechTourism, pavaldi Regioninės plėtros ministerijai, populiarina Čekiją kaip turizmo šalį tiek jos ribose, tiek visame pasaulyje. CzechTourism, su savo būstine Čekijoje ir užsienio biurų tinklu Europoje (pvz., Vokietijoje, Didžiojoje Britanijoje ir Ispanijoje) ir visame pasaulyje (pvz., Kinijoje, Brazilijoje ir JAV), veikia pasauliniu mastu.

Foreign Offices

Czech Tourism’s network of foreign offices focus on educating their local markets, building awareness around destinations and activities, and inspiring travelers to book their dream trip to the Czech Republic. These efforts take the shape of marketing campaigns (online, print, and outdoor), press and FAM tours, road shows, trade fairs, promotional events, and organizing presentations and workshops. We focus on relationship building and collaboration through meaningful strategic partnerships. If you’ve got an innovative idea for a partnership, we want to hear from you.

Important partners

Czech Tourism has many important partnerships including our regional tourism offices, cities, municipalities, and members of the business community. One of the fundamental objectives of our agency is to connect our network of partners, bringing both commercial and non-economic benefits to individuals in both the public and the private sector. If we can help to connect you with a specific resource, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Czech Convention Bureau

We want groups of all shapes and sizes to enjoy their time throughout the Czech Republic. The Czech Convention Bureau focuses on promoting the Czech Republic throughout the convention, congress, and incentive tourism fields. This includes working closely with regional offices to maximize the conference and event potential that the Czech Republic has to offer.   

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