Press Trips

Press Trips

Interested in coming to the Czech Republic on a press trip?

Press Trips

CzechTourism offers press trips for both individual journalists, bloggers, influencers, and groups. If you are interested in participating in a press trip, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Press trips Pilsen Region

Press trips 2023:

1.) Eastern Bohemia - Hidden Gem of the Czech Republic

10.5. - 14.5. 2023
Explore the region of UNESCO landmarks, beautiful nature and the longest suspension bridge in the world! During the press trip we will visit the beautiful Renaissance chateau of Litomyšl and the National Stud Farm in Kladruby nad Labem, the oldest stud farm of its kind in the world. Not to be missed is the resort of Dolní Morava with its popular Sky Walk and the world's longest suspended footbridge, Skybridge 721.

2.) Cycling and Wine in North and Central Bohemia

19.6. - 25.6.2023
Get on your bike and take a trip along the majestic Elbe River. The Elbe Route offers beautiful scenery, history and local wine. The history of viticulture in this region dates back to the earliest times of settlement by the Czech population. Litoměřice was Bohemia's second largest winemaking town after Prague in the Middle Ages. White wines such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Müller Thurgau are grown in the nearby village of Žernoseky.

3.) Golf resorts in North Moravia

Second half of September
In the eastern part of the Czech Republic, at the foot of the Beskydy Mountains, between deep forests and green valleys, Moravia will seduce you with its riches. Here you will find fantastic golf courses, beautiful nature and an industrial universe. The North Moravian Golf Quartet: Prosper Golf Club Čeladná, Ostravice Golf Club, Ropice Golf Resort, Šilherovice Golf Resort.

4.) Active holidays and glass tradition in North Bohemia

The North Bohemian Region offers wonderful hiking and cycling trails in the Jizera Mountains and the Bohemian Paradise. Not to mention the unique tower on the top of the majestic Ještěd Mountain. North Bohemia is the cradle of crystal glass and jewellery production, which has made the region famous throughout the world.

Our criteria:

  • Please contact us well in advance, preferably at least two months prior to the trip

  • You have an agreement with the invited media on publishing editorial content on the Czech Republic

  • The article/show will be published within 12 months of the visit, or at its earliest convenience

  • The circulation/readership/viewers and advertising value are measured by an official media survey

  • The readership/viewer profile matches the target group of CzechTourism – modern, open-minded people with a high sense of social responsibility

  • You represent media from our target markets: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway

  • You represent an outlet that focuses on travel, lifestyle, food or design daily/weekly newspaper, tv, film, radio or online platform

We are able to help you with the following:

  •  Accurate information on regions, destinations, activities, places to stay, people to meet, etc.

  • Itinerary based on the theme of your article/show

  • Assistance with travel bookings and costs (decided case-by-case)

  • High resolution images and videos along with other materials