Transformation of Naplavka, a popular Prague boardwalk
By the summer of 2018, the Vltava boardwalk beneath the Rašín embankment will see the addition of several new galleries, cafés and public toilets. New benches and smart trash bins will be available to visitors as early as this year.
The Rašín embankment is currently the most attractive and lively spot among the river banks in the central part of Prague. In addition to the breath-taking views, it offers an infinite number of activities to visitors, including regular farmers’ markets as well as sporting, cultural and gastronomic events.

Therefore, the City of Prague decided to spruce up the place both aesthetically and functionally. “The Rašín embankment dungeons will accommodate new exhibition halls, cafés and, most importantly, public toilets as there is a critical shortage of them at the moment. This year, the use of smart trash bins and intelligent lighting will be piloted on the boardwalk,” said Adriana Krnáčová, the Mayor of Prague.

The reconstruction is scheduled to commence this autumn and should be completed before the 2018 summer season. 
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