A new walking trail lets you cross the entire Czech Republic on foot
Cesta Českem is a brand new, 1,000-km, thru-hiking trail, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. This marked trail begins in the mountains on the Czech/German border and traverses the mountainous north of the country until it reaches the Slovak border in the east.
Anyone can do the Cesta Českem thru hike. It takes approximetly 40 days in one go but it can be also devided into smaller sections. Hikers can sleep in hotels/hostels or in a tent and it can be done with any level of experience in hiking.

One of unique features of the trail are the Trail Angels, a concept that is borrowed from thru-hikes in North America such as the Great Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Trail Angels are volunteers who live on or near the trail route and who offer their help to hikers for free. They offer a range of small kindnesses, anything from providing lifts to hikers, to letting them charge their devices in their homes or pitch tents in their gardens.

The website gives all the information necessary to start the hike: the exact length of individual sections, trail maps, tips on how to start, etc. More tips for hikers and current trail conditions can be found in Cesta Českem Facebook group.