Where to go for design, art and stylish refreshment in Brno
The pleasant weather of the summer months is an ideal opportunity to explore the beauties of Brno. You can wander around the nicely landscaped squares, where you‘ll often find works of art, or you can discover cafes and bars where beautiful surroundings are combined with good food and drink. If it rains, you can hide in the Museum of Arts and Crafts at exhibitions dedicated to successful Czech designers, or read in the brand new library of the famous Brno native Milan Kundera. What else can you experience in Brno this summer?

Refresh yourself with water games and coffee at the new Moravské náměstí
Moravské náměstí is now nicknamed the Brno Sea by locals. In this newly renovated park, a water element has been added which takes varying forms of a flat surface, a fountain and mist jets. And dipping in is definitely allowed here, for people and their pets. When the area is not used for water games, you can watch a theater performance or listen to a concert here. A one hundred and twenty meter long elliptical bench runs around the square. There are also play elements for children, in the shapes of chairs and tables. These were designed by the artist Richard Loskot, as well as the Parq espresso bar cafe, unmissable thanks to the eight-meter ellipse supporting the roof, which lights up after sunset.

Go to the Art and Industry Museum to see Jiří Pelcl and Vrtiška and Žák
Two design exhibitions await you this summer at the Moravian Gallery Museum of Applied Arts. The architectural and design duo Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák present their joint work in the field of product design, architecture and interior design. From common household products to architecture, they place great emphasis not only on quality, but also on involvement in everyday life. Running alongside this, you can look back on the forty-year career of designer Jiří Pelcl, which has gone through creative stages. He has worked for industry and for galleries, designed architecture and interiors, and also devoted himself to original craftsmanship. At the same time, the exhibition lets viewers see behind the scenes of the design profession.

Drawing on the sidewalk in front of the White House, where artists see a lot of good people
The sidewalk of Žerotín Square, one of Brno's communication hubs, will be enlivened by a painting depicting various figures with banners in the form of bubbles. The artwork by Patrik Antczak and Jakub Jahn, titled Vidím plno dobrých lidí, (I see a lot of good people), lures passers-by to interact. Bubbles directly invite you to add something, so this time not only children can paint on the sidewalk, but also adults.
In addition, the painting will help to improve the atmosphere of the surroundings. The artists chose an innovative coating for its creation, which ensures active air purification using photocatalysis. It thus compensates for the impact of traffic on nearby busy roads.

Go to the former Zbrojovka for coffee and culture
The former industrial site for the production of weapons for the Austro-Hungarian army in Brno-Židenice is slowly turning into a modern district. The Nová Zbrojovka area combines living, work and entertainment, private and public projects and, last but not least, the old with the new. The preserved part of the original industrial architecture gives the place a unique atmosphere.
Nová Zbrojovka also invites you to have fun and relax, during the summer you can enjoy, for example, one of the films in the Art Cinema. Stop by INDUSTRA COFFEE for coffee and something sweet, you might be interested enough to take part in a coffee tasting or a course on how to prepare this tasty drink. Exhibitions, theater performances and lectures also take place here.

Cool down in the cellar under the New Town Hall with an animated history of Brno
The cellar under (the New Town Hall) in the center of Brno will captivate you with its brand new exhibition. The place where history passed above for centuries will now present historical events and Brno legends in a modern multimedia exhibition. The exhibit called Ohnivý kůň a drak (The Fire Horse and Dragon) is full of animations and sound effects, so it will entertain both young and older visitors. Through the animations by illustrator Veronika Vlková, you will learn about the past of the cellar itself, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period in Brno, and great attention is also paid to the Thirty Years' War. You‘ll find out, for example, why there is a dragon hanging by the Old Town Hall or what the medieval marketplace looked like. The siege of Brno by Sweden in 1645 is an impressive experience.

Bring home a tasteful memory from IC To je Brno
Original, tasteful and funny souvenirs made by local artists and craftsmen can be found in the To je Brno information center on Panenská street. You can choose from a variety of books, games, tableware, clothes for children and adults, jewelry, practical trinkets and edible gifts, including South Moravian wines. In honor of the founder of genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel, you can purchase a kit that allows you to grow pea sprouts. The #PripravBrno souvenir collection is not only beautiful and tasty, it also helps restore Brno's greenery.
You can also relax in the info center and peruse the materials provided about the attractions of Brno and the whole of South Moravia, or perhaps leave your luggage here and take a walk around the city. In addition to tickets for cultural events, you can book a place on a guided city tour here. If you were wondering where the people of Brno went for coffee a hundred years ago, you can find out on July 22 on a tour in English.

Explore Kateřina Šedá's busker rooms at the August Music Marathon
Between August 10 and 13, Brno will come alive with music. This will be thanks to the Music Marathon, which is an international multi-genre music festival that brings top musicians and young talents from the Czech Republic and the whole world to the public space. This year, residents of Brno and visitors to the city can look forward to, for example, Omar Sosa, the Balkan bands Dubioza Kolektiv and Koza Mostra, or representatives of World music Puuluup, Júlia Karosi or Julia Kozáková. The festival also includes performances by buskers in designer rooms, which artist Kateřina Šedá has been preparing for the past several years. Every year, one room is completely new and responds to trends and events – this year it is a video rental store. With this symbolic reminder of the 1990s, famous czech artist points to the thirty-year anniversary of the division of Czechoslovakia. During the festival Czech and Slovak musicians will symbolically take turns in the scenes of hundreds of foreign and domestic films.

Let yourself be surprised by a custom drink at the Jekyll & Hyde bar
The Jekyll & Hyde experience has two faces, just like the literary character that gave it its name. You can choose whether you prefer to enter the elegant bar reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll's laboratory, or you prefer to dive into the dark underground room of Mr. Hyde. Either way, look forward to original cocktails, remarkable design and pleasant service. Other establishments that combine great taste experiences with a stylish environment can be found in the printed or web version of the Gourmet Brno guide. Whether it's restaurants, cafés and pastry shops, bistros or bars or pubs, this non-commercial list of verified establishments always offers an authentic atmosphere and delight for the eye and taste buds.

Read in Kundera's library by the architects Hrdina and Pavlík
Explore the works of Milan Kundera in fifty different languages ​​in the newly opened library, which is part of the Moravian State Library. It contains more than 3 000 volumes, among which novels, essays, plays and poems predominate, as well as journalistic texts and contributions by other authors dedicated to Milan Kundera.

Browse through the local design shops in Veveří
Brno's Veveří neighborhood is full of local designer stores. Find products by Czech designers, jewelers and other creators, for example, in a pleasant shop with the characteristic name Je tu milo, meaning ‚It´s pleasant here‘. But you can also visit the specific space of the TY IDENTITY store or the small Object concept store. In addition to quality clothing, the Restart fashion store will also delight with its social impact. If you’d like something nice for your children, try PLACE mimi or the bookstore Dlouhá punčocha.

Search for modern sculptures in Špilberk
Statues of Jan Hendrych and his pupils peek out at you from many corners of Špilberk Castle. In the west wing, you‘ll be able to systematically compare common features and differences in the work of the sculptor and his former students.

Have a beer at Harry's in the former packing house
You can taste craft beer in the building of the former postal parcel office in Poštovská Street. Under the leadership of the young brewer Tamara Dolníčková, the Harry Brewery brews traditional lagers as well as interesting beer specials.

Discover the greenhouse of the founder of genetics
The greenhouse in the garden of the Augustinian monastery, where Gregor Johann Mendel discovered the laws of heredity by crossing pea plants, has come to life again. After restoration by the architectural studio Chybík+Krištof, you‘ll find an exhibition on the pioneer of the foundations of genetics, and various lectures, conferences and social events are also held here.

Enjoy the view of the city and the stars on Kraví hora
In the summer, the park on Kraví hora hosts both a swimming pool and an observatory. The outdoor and indoor pools are complemented by saunas with a beautiful view of the city. Then in the evening, when you head to the nearby observatory, you can look up at the sky for a change. In July and August, it also hosts the Festival of the Planets with an exhibition, a summer cinema and projections in the planetarium, where you can listen to Pink Floyd's songs from the album The Dark Side of the Moon, among other things.

Enjoy coffee with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism in the SKØG Urban Hub
On Dominikánská náměstí, you can relax for a while in the afternoon in a cafe of minimalist Nordic style, with a cup of specialty coffee, or in the evening with a cocktail.

Go on a trip for the views from the observation tower to the Holedná nature reserve
Since 2020, the Holedná lookout tower rises above the deer-park of the same name on the outskirts of Brno, from which you can enjoy a view not only of the city, but also of the Brno Dam and the Drahan Highlands.

Admire the modern architecture of the Church of the Blessed Mary Restituta
The youngest church in Brno was designed by architect Marek Štěpán as a circular building illuminated by colored glass, complete with a tower with a bell tower. During the summer project Brno and its Churches you can visit the tabernacle from June 15 to September 15 every Saturday from 2-5pm.

Have a coffee inbetween textile traditions and modern business in Vlněna
It used to be the center of Brno's textile industry, today in Vlněna, business and café cosiness mix in the pleasant Rebelbean establishment.