RegioJet Receives Certification for the German market
RegioJet, Central Europe’s largest private passenger rail operator, was awarded a single safety certificate for passenger rail operations in Germany in December 2022.

Germany has thus become the next foreign market where RegioJet has been certified, alongside Slovakia, Poland and Austria.

“RegioJet is certified to operate passenger rail services in Austria. As of March 2022, we started to fully operate the routes to Vienna and Budapest on this certificate with our own resources.

We have now obtained the following from the European Union Railway Agency (ERA) certificate, which will allow us to develop new routes not only with a destination in Germany but also services going further into Western Europe via Germany in the next few years,” says Jakub Svoboda, Managing Director of RegioJet’s train operations.

With the German certificate, RegioJet has been able to extend its Austrian certificate to include a certificate for rail freight operations.