From the end of May, smoking in restaurants will be completely forbidden
A no-smoking law will come into effect in the Czech Republic on 31 May, 2017. In addition to prohibition of cigarettes in restaurants and pubs, smoking will be prohibited in public transport waiting rooms, on transport platforms and in the inside areas of sports arenas. 
At the beginning of January, the Czech Republic approved a law that completely prohibits smoking in restaurants and pubs. After the end of May, people in restaurants and pubs will be able to smoke only hookahs, which are popular mainly in tea rooms, and electronic cigarettes.

The anti-smoking law entails further restrictions for smokers. Cinemas, theatres and concert, exhibition and sports halls will no longer be able to designate smoking rooms. The ban against smoking classic cigarettes will be extended to the uncovered parts of  stops for public transportation and zoological gardens, where smoking areas will be permitted. Smoking rooms will also be permitted in shopping centres and airports.