Brno - Your MICE Destination
If you think that cutting-edge technology, wine, a metropolitan vibe, and folklore don’t go together, well, you’ve never been to the Brno region! Metropolitan nightlife, fine dining, and other sport and leisure activities all over the region.

5 reasons why to choose Brno

1.) Metropolitan vibe

If Alice could do spirits and coffee, she would end up in Brno instead of Wonderland. There is something playful in this bohemian mode de vie. Check out the best bars, coffee shops and restaurants in Brno.

2.) Wine and countryside

We love wine. It grows under our Moravian sun with the care and love of our farmers. For hundreds of years. Discover our region’s heritage.

3.) Sport activities

Singletrack cycling or wakeboard? Canoe or raft? Golf or paintball? Tough choices, we know. But don’t worry, everybody can find an activity that suits them.

4.) Cultural heritage and UNESCO

Ancient catacombs, Napoleonic-era chateaux, modern Functionalist villas. Centuries of cultural wonders in the palm of your hand. What will it be today?

5.) Living traditions

Forget carnival. Moravian traditions are spectacular. Colourful dancing, singing and good food. Even our ancestors knew how to live.