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Broumov and České Budějovice short-listed for European Capitals of Culture 2028
The Czech Republic's finalists for the European Capital of Culture 2028 are the cities of Broumov and České Budějovice. The winner of this prestige competition for 2028 will be awarded the title in June 2023. Four cities fought for the final nominations in the Czech Republic, however Brno and Liberec were left out from the finals.
The title of European Capital of Culture is always granted for one year by the European Union to one or more European cities, which have the opportunity to present their rich cultural life and development  throughout the year. In the past Prague and Pilsen have already been selected. The title is not awarded to a city on the basis of its cultural heritage or its current live cultural offerings, but on the basis of its future program for the year of 2028. Successful cities have used the title as a catalyst for change in the cultural and general development of the city, creating lasting cultural, social and economic impact.