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2022 the international year of glass
One of the best preserved crafts, which tradition goes back all the way to 12th century, is undoubtedly glass making. Glass, the eternal material, deserves a celebration of its own. Therefore the United Nations declared 2022 as the international year of glass.
The glass heart of the Czech Republic lays in the North of the country, in Crystal Valley. The production of glass and jewellery has been connected with the region for centuries, and the still-living tradition of production itself does not differ much from that of a hundred years ago. The Crystal Valley connects glass and jewellery art. More than 40 companies, museums and schools are involved in the unique project. Visitors have the opportunity to take a peak into the world of glass original workshops.

Various events will be taking place in commemoration of the year of glass, but the most expected ones will be summer festival Crystal Valley Week, taking place in Liberec from 23rd till 28th August, where the glass making craft will be introduced from many angles including glass making workshops, indoor and outdoor glass design exhibitions and more. The annual Crystal Valley weekend will take place from 12th to 13rd November, where more than 50 glass workshops, ateliers and museums will be open to public.