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Welcoming the world for 30 years
The Czech Republic is celebrating 30 years since it opened its doors to visitors from around the world.
On Jan 1, 1993, what was the former Czechoslovakia split into two - one half became Slovakia and the country we know today as the Czech Republic was formed from the other half. As the new nation became more accessible to the world, the Czech Republic became a hot spot destination for overseas travellers.

Over three decades, the Czech Republic has seen a steady rise in visitor numbers. By 2019 this figure had jumped to 495,728 UK visitors before the world came to a standstill as a result of the pandemic in 2020. Today the Czech Republic is seeing a steep curve up to full recovery.

A constant flow of curious tourists have fallen in love with the place. In particular, the capital city of Prague has become a firm favourite - especially among UK visitors. Latterly, other parts of the country have grown in popularity. Places like Brno, the foodie Mecca of the Czech Republic, Pilsen, home of the original Pilsner beer and Cesky Krumlov, magical UNESCO gem are on the radar for fans of the European city break.