Pálavské Vintage Mikulov
Enjoy a pleasant three days when Mikulov welcomes historical parades, the town center is transformed into a historical market place, and you are invited to try various wines and fermented wine in many places. In addition, you can watch a flare show, jousting tournaments and performances by jugglers, comedians, fencers, hawkers, folklore ensembles in colorful costumes, and cymbal and brass bands. The program also includes concerts, exhibitions, stalls with gastronomic specialties, and an ascent up Svatý kopeček. For kids, there will be lots of games, fairytales, contests and attractions. There will also be an exhibition of wine at the castle during the vintage, offering the chance to try more than 500 types of white, rosé and red wines from Mikulov. You can look forward to a wine town with stalls of individual wine producers.