The natural granite formation of the Svatoš Rocks is made up of rock pillars, prisms and pyramids, and their shape is reminiscent of a wedding procession, which according to legend was turned to stone by a beautiful nymph. This national natural monument is a popular tourist destination, particularly for climbers but also for paddlers and cyclists.
 The beauty of the Svatoš Rocks and their equally remarkable surroundings has inspired many artists, including Johann Wolfgang Goethe. In addition to following the Doubí nature trail, you can also access the Svatoš Rocks from Loket Castle along the Ohře River. Across from the Svatošské Rocks is a pleasant woodland restaurant with a garden.
Visiting Baroque pearls by bike

Visiting Baroque pearls by bike

The Baroque bikeways in the northern part of Pilsen district wind through a picturesque Baroque countryside to discover architectural gems of the region.