To Třeboň Spa for an Active Holiday
The flat area of the spa is ideal for family trips, whether on foot or bike. Explore the beauty of the Třeboňsko protected landscape area, historical places and numerous ponds, great for both swimmers and sports fishermen, along one of the many marked trails.

If you have children, sizzling summer days are best spent in the Třeboň Water World, a huge outdoor pool complex with a double-level relaxation pool and many attractions, a fitness swimming pool, a hot tub and a pool for children. The spa also offers many opportunities for sports. It’s up to you to choose! Bowling, fitness, squash, tennis, in-line rollerblading – the beautiful nature trail, completely flat, winds through the wood between the ponds in the outskirts of Třeboň towards Stříbřec.

Where to Eat?

Fish and fish specialities are very popular in the Třeboň region! Have some fish French fries, a famous speciality of the Šupina Restaurant. Enjoy fresh fish in the spa restaurants of Adéla and Harmonie, or in Zdejší kuchyně in the Zlatá hvězda Hotel where you can have fried catfish with a vegetable salad, pike fillet with sautéed chanterelles in the season and carp fillet with mushroom and dill sauce in any season.

Fancy a Bike or Golf?

The flat Třeboň countryside is perfect for cyclists. You can rent a bike at any Czech Railways station and return it to another one! Or use the services of the Patriot Bike Rental at the Zlatá hvězda Hotel in Třeboň. They rent bikes, electric bikes and scooters and from there, you can get on the Lužnice Bike Trail that follows River Lužnice and River Nežárka up to their confluence with River Vltava. Or go play golf! There are two golf courses in the nearby Monachus Golf Resort or the Hluboká nad Vltavou Golf Club, situated in a beautiful English park below the Hluboká Chateau.

Tips for Trips in the Area

The pond region is great for swimming. There are two beaches on the banks of Pond Svět and you can also rent a paddle boat or a flat boat. Or set off on the educational trail called A Trip around Svět or go on a cruise! The largest Czech pond, Rožmberk, built at the end of the 16th century, is also great for swimming. Veselské pískovny is great for recreational swimming, long-distance swimming and sports fishing: you can choose any of the five individual sand and gravel lakes.

We also recommend checking out the Třeboň Chateau, whose present form is the work of Renaissance builders who created this lavish residence of the House of Rosenberg on the site of a Gothic castle. Both the historical expositions and the beautiful English park, surrounding the chateau, are worth a visit.


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Šumava in the summer

Šumava in the summer

Endless dense forests, crystal-clear glacial lakes, lofty slopes, wild rivers and mysterious peat bogs veiled in the mist – this is the Šumava, a mountain range extending along the border between Bohemia and Germany and dubbed “the green roof of Europe” for its location and its uninterrupted forest.