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Manifesto has been announced winner at MAPIC Awards 2022
Prague's Manifesto Market has won the industry Award at Cannes's annual event MAPIC. From the 29th of November until December 1st, the event entitled “People, Planet, Profit” taking place at Palais des Festivals becomes the place to be for key players in the real estate, retail, property, leisure and food&beverage industries. Competing in this year's awards cycle against 110 entries from 23 countries, Manifesto can proudly name itself the Best New F&B Concept. Source:
“F&B is not a sector. It’s an emotional experience. We at Manifesto understand and design for the emotional aspects of placemaking. Having the opportunity to speak this year at MAPIC and to be named by the jury among some of the key players of the most innovative food & beverage scene in and beyond Europe is an honor, to me and to our teams,” says Martin Barry, Founder and CEO of Manifesto Market.

Since the crisis of traditional retail affecting cities and high streets, the urge on emphasizing creative development and expanding the importance of food and dining is tangible at MAPIC. The model of Manifesto Market is ahead of that trend, proving since 2018 its regenerative power, successfully building communities around each location and conceiving an accessible ecosystem for medium and small businesses in gastronomy, viable even through a pandemic.

Manifesto succeeded in an awards category which highlights the most inspiring new food and beverage concepts. Shortlisted projects show originality in their positioning on the market, singularity of their product, viability, integration of new technologies, design and architecture. Manifesto was recognized for its complex business solution enabling chefs to start and expand their businesses with low initial cost, reduced staff needs and faster route to profitability. Another key value for Manifesto is sustainability translated into concrete actions impregrating the ways how Manifesto locations are built, operated and how the brand utilizes its influence to inspire their chefs and guests for choosing climate friendly options. Awarded for its latest Prague's project Manifesto Anděl, the company is set to make its first step into the western European market. Before the end of this year, Manifesto Market will open Europe's largest food hub with 22 restaurants and 4 bars at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz.

The jury of the Awards was chaired by the British Mayte Legeay, a senior asset manager with more than 22 years of experience in the retail real estate industry, surrounded by an international board of high profile juries active in a variety of hospitality, real estate and investment branches.

The MAPIC Awards are a prestigious annual awards show inviting key players in the retail, hospitality and real estate industry to Cannes. The Award ceremony takes place during the week of the MAPIC fair from November 29 till December 1st at Palais des Festivals, and attracts over 1500 exhibitors from 80 countries. The 2022 event has been chosen for its theme: “People, Planet, Profit: Navigating retail towards a more 'human' world” to emphasize the importance of focussing on the effect brands have on the planet.

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