Léčebné lázně Konstantinovy a.s., uses ten spa houses. Accommodation capacity comprises 404 beds (240 rooms). One example of the spa houses is Spa Hotel Jirásek, which offers a rehabilitation pool, restaurant with cafe and saloon; the complex Spa House Prusík is home to the main balneo operation, dining hall and cafe. The new Wellness Centrum Konstantin was opened in 2010. The main therapeutic methods in Konstantinovy Lázně are based on use of natural therapeutic resources – carbonated mineral water, which is from natural ferrous bicarbonate sodium-magnesium hypotonic mineral water. Konstantinovy Lázně specialises in prevention, treatment and convalescence for suffers of cardiovascular illnesses. Secondary indications for treatment above all include illnesses of the locomotor system, the metabolism and the respiratory tract. We offer a varied range of wellness, relaxation, sporting and therapeutic weeklong and weekend stays to clients in all age categories.