Třeboň Spa

Třeboň Spa

Get wrapped up in Třeboň!

Pleasant heated wraps in first-class peat, romantic walks through a Renaissance town, a wonderful landscape of thousands of fishponds and gastronomic delicacies that will have your taste buds in seventh heaven. That is the Třeboň Spa. Visit harmonious South Bohemia to which nature and history has been exceptionally generous and enjoy unforgettable moments in the Třeboň Spa, which is part of the Czech Republic’s family silver.

The Třeboň Spa specialises in disorders of the motion apparatus, rheumatic problems, post-injury and post-surgery reconvalescence and boosting the overall condition of the body and mind. The local speciality – natural healing peat, deposits of which are found near the town – serve both for treatment and pleasant relaxation. The peat is specially prepared and its unique effects can be enjoyed in the form of pleasant baths or wraps, during which your body is thoroughly warmed up. The result is a relaxation of the muscles, alleviation of pain and easier regeneration.

Enjoy a dream day!

Would you like to get the most out of your day in Třeboň? Visit, for instance, the Aurora Spa! Your every wish will be carried out at this spa complex, where you will find a complete range of wellness services and can enjoy pleasant lounging alongside nutrient rich wraps and baths. It is also home to a pleasant hairdresser’s and pedicurist, while you can crown your stay with something sweet at its café. The wellness centre also boasts a swimming pool with mildly saline water, a children’s paddling pool, a water world full of attractions and a stress-relieving sauna and steam bath. You simply won’t want the day to end. Berta’s Spa, meanwhile, offers procedures based on a combination of peat baths and wraps and massages. Once you’ve enjoyed a relaxing procedure, don’t neglect to try the Brusinka spa liqueur.

Through a fairytale town and around the World

It’d be hard to imagine a more beautiful place for the perfect rest. Třeboň is after all one of the most fairytale-like of South Bohemia’s towns. Between procedures you can visit the local Renaissance chateau with its permanent exhibition about Třeboň. You can also climb the Town Hall tower, which provides a wonderful view of the historical heart of the town. It’s also well worth making an outing to the Schwarzenberg Tomb, the final resting place of 27 members of a famous family who in their day were among Europe’s richest and strongly influenced life in the Czech lands. Tasting some local specialities, such as the excellent carp chips, will enhance your stay, as will a trip around the World, the best known local fishpond, around which runs an educational trail. A great number of cultural events take place in the town every year, such as Floral Třeboň in April, the Anifest international festival of animated films in May and a music festival dedicated to the famous Czech opera singer Emma Destinn, which is held in July.

Where to next?

Třeboň is a wonderful starting point for exploring the area. Romantics shouldn’t neglect to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, Český Krumlov, which thanks to its enchanting historical centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Meanwhile, you will find elegant aristocratic residences reminiscent of something out of a fairytale at Hluboká and Jindřichův Hradec.



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