Explore the Czech Republic in 3 days
Choosing the Czech Republic as a travel destination is a smart move - since the regions have many historical attractions, beautiful spa hotels, and fantastic cuisine.

3 day itinerary

Day 1: Prague — Chateau Mcely
Day 2: Chateau Mcely — Kutná Hora
Day 3: Kutná Hora — Tábor — Český Krumlov

Chateau Mcely

Day 1: Prague — Chateau Mcely
Region: Central Bohemia
Distance: 67 km

Ever wish you could live in or own a castle? The Czech Republic is the land of castles and chateaus, with over a thousand in the country you can live your wildest dreams and fantasies of living in a castle for a night a night or two in Central Bohemia. Chateau Mcely, a gorgeous 5 star hotel in a chateau surrounded by the St. George Forest in the small village of Mcely. Besides getting a taste of what royalty feels like you will also get a feel for what the Czech countryside is like.

Not only is this accommodation a unique luxurious option perfect for pampering yourself, but the chateau has a fascinating history. Chateau Mcely was badly damaged in WWII and left untouched for years until the current owners purchased and restored in 2001 curating beautifully themed rooms are each uniquely designed with antique furniture

Things to do in Chateau Mcely

• Spa treatments with their homemade natural cosmetics and essential oils • Relax in the sauna and outdoor natural pool • Drinks at the patio and bar • Walk through the forest trails • Eat at Piano Nobile, one of the top 10 restaurants in the Czech Republic • Take a natural cosmetic class • Under the Daisy Playground designed especially for kids and little princesse

Kutná Hora

Day 2: Chateau Mcely — Kutná Hora
Region: Central Bohemia
Distance: 52 km

The city of silver is one of the most grand, small cities just east of Prague. Kutná Hora is a historically wealthy city once home to the national treasury and mint and silver mines. You can experience a taste of the beautiful gothic architecture and magic that visitors love about Prague without the crowds. Admire the incredible architecture of St. Barbara’s Cathedral, a gothic masterpiece that was completely funded and built by the locals that took over 600 years to complete. Besides being an enchanting completely walkable city, Kutná Hora is also home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites Church of St. Barbara and Cathedral of our Lady at Sedlec.

Things to do in Kutná Hora

• UNESCO Sites Church of St. Barbara and Cathedral of our Lady at Sedlec • The eerie but interesting displays at the bone cathedral at Sedlec Ossuary • The Italian Court, a museum about the national treasury and mint • Sip on wine at the local Kutna Hora wine cellars • Visit the Czech Museum of Silver • Walk along the statues of saints along the Jesuit College on Barboska Lane • Visit and shop at the small but incredible Chocolate Museum • Get an adrenaline rush riding through the bobsled track in the forest • Visit the oldest church in Kutna Hora, St. James Church • Explore the GASK Gallery, a curated collection of Czech modern art in the former Jesuit College


Day 3: Kutná Hora — Tábor — Český Krumlov
Region: South Bohemia
Distance: 91 km

The Czech Republic is full of small, adorable villages and towns dotted throughout the country. Tábor is one of them and an incredibly picturesque, quaint town worth stopping and exploring for a lunch break in the afternoon making your way from Central to South Bohemia full of history. Founded in the 15th century by a radical group of Hussites. Today you can stroll through the weaving narrow cobblestone streets filled with colorful and charming Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style buildings that make a picture perfect setting and learn about this town’s historical importance during the Hussite movement.

Things to do in Tábor

• Learn about the history with Hussites in the Old Town Hall • Stroll through the charming Žižka Square • Climb the Church of Lord’s Transfiguration bell tower for a bird’s eye view of the town center • Tour the underground tunnels below the city from the Old Town Hall • Visit the Kokoty Monastery • Admire the adorable and delicious chocolate and marzipan at the Chocolate and Marzipan Museu

Český Krumlov

Day 3:  Tábor — Český Krumlov
Region: South Bohemia
Distance: 88 km

If you’ve ever fantasized about living in a fairytale then a visit to Český Krumlov will feel like your dreams have come true. This incredible storybook village and UNESCO World Heritage Site is surrounded by the Vltava River weaving its way through the enchanting medieval town with the stunning and massive castle overlooking the entire town center on a hill. This is the kind of place you visit and will pinch yourself to see if its real or a dream. The entire town of Český Krumlov is easily walkable on the winding cobblestone lanes and can be enjoyed in a few hours, especially if you plan on visiting in the late afternoon after the day tours have come and gone.

Things to do in Cesky Krumlov

• Tour through Cesky Krumlov Castle, the second largest in the country • Visit the Baroque Castle Theater • Climb the castle tower for an unforgettable view of the city • Stroll through the castle gardens • Visit the Cathedral of St. Vitus • Check out the museum and exhibits at the Minorite Monastery • Rafting down the Vltava River • Visit the Museum Fotoateliér Seidel • See the city from above in a sunrise hot air balloon ride • Visit Egon Schiele Art Centrum Museum