Things to Do
What are you up to? Charming castles, colorful events, relax in wonderful spa resorts or sports? One life is not enough to explore all hidden gems and activities the Czech Republic has to offer!
Castles, chateaux, sixteen UNESCO monuments and historical cities are some of the most popular trip destinations in the Czech Republic. History, recent as well as ancient, has left its mark on this blissful landscape, with many impressive treasures from different eras. The reflections of the past can also be experienced in the still living traditional crafts and colourful folklore. It goes without saying that the travel experience is not complete without discovering the tastes of the Czech cuisine in all its traditional and modern forms, and with a glass of premium Czech beer or local wine!

Or can your holidays not do without hiking or cycling trips? Indulge yourself in unforgettable experiences and set out to wander around the picturesque countryside. The Czech mountains offer a great number of experiences in summer and in winter. Finally do not forget the Czech spas some of the most popular in the world.