COVID-19: What You Should Know before You Come

There are no longer any coronavirus restrictions for entry into the Czech Republic.

What do you need to know before arrival to the Czech Republic?

Measures and restrictions


It is no longer mandatory to wear respirators or nano-masks in the Czech Republic.

However, providers of inpatient and outpatient healthcare are entitled to stipulate in the internal regulations or an addendum thereto the obligation for patients to use a respirator or mask when entering the premises of the healthcare facility. Some hospitals have already made the wearing of respirators or nano-masks mandatory.

The Ministry of Health recommends wearing a drape or respirator in health and social care facilities, public transport, and places with a high concentration of people.


No more restrictions.


No more restrictions.


No more restrictions.

Health services

If you have reason to suspect you might be ill with the coronavirus and have flu-like symptoms (dry cough, fever, joint pain), call the coronavirus hotlines:
National Institute of Public Health:
+420 724 810 106 or +420 725 191 367
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic:
+420 224 181 111 or +420 224 182 425


  • COVID PORTÁL - Important information regarded COVID-19 measures in daily life is

  • Current information on entry to the territory of the Czech Republic is available on the website of  the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
    or the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Safe Travels

  • The Czech Republic has been awarded the international "Safe Travels Stamp" by the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC) and now holds the status of a safe destination. More information
Status Quo

Status Quo

In accordance with government anti-epidemic measures, heritage sites, museums and galleries, exhibition spaces, fairs, castles, chateaux are open to the public. Concerts, theater performances and film screenings are permitted. Interiors of restaurants may open. Accommodation facilities, restaurants, theaters, sports grounds, swimming pools and other places with a large number of visitors is possible to enter.