World of Wonders – WOW
The museum is in charge of the largest public collection of glass Christmas ornaments in the world, a collection that numbers more than fifteen thousand pieces. Most were donated by the Jablonex Company, which provided the museum with its entire range of samples of blown and decorated Christmas ornaments back in 2008. However, the collection also takes in contemporary production and historic ornaments from the beginning of the 20th century, the First Republic (including pieces donated by manufacturer Václav Berger from Bílá Třemešná), and the socialist era.
The exposition tells the story of the journey taken by Christmas ornaments to the promised land over the sea, the United States of America having been the most significant customer of these fragile goods. For this reason the exhibits have been installed in the shape of the colourful waves of the sea, accompanied by an ocean liner and skyscraper effects.


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