Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov

The Czech Renaissance gem

Český Krumlov, poetically called the Gate to Šumava, is a town where you either want to live or at least visit repeatedly. The town surrounded with meanders of the Vltava River used to be a seat of many powerful Bohemian families. Today, there is a protected monument reservation in the centre, a large collection of the work of Egon Schiele, a fascinating photo studio, and one of the most beautiful castles and chateaus in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its unique preserved medieval core, Český Krumlov is included on the UNESCO list. Get to know Krumlov and fall in love with it before you finish reading the following lines.

Museum Fotoateliér Seidel - In the footprints of photographic beginnings

Welcome to a museum where time has stopped. The museum is dedicated to two great photographers, Josef and František Seidel. Enter and get immersed in the atmosphere of old negatives and the story of the beginning of photography. The exposition of the studio is very authentic and includes glass negatives, old cameras as well as photographs from the chronicles of the Czech-German-Austrian borderland from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This unique collection is even more attractive thanks to the personal journals of the father and son, their notes, books of customers as well as the original furnishings of the flat.

Egon Schiele Art Centrum - A place filled with art

Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter and graphic artist, and a student of the famous Gustav Klimt. An expressionist in whose work we can find provocative nudities, portraits of cities and own portraits. He used to live and work in Český Krumlov as it was the place where his mother came from. The Art Centrum, founded after the fall of the Iron Curtain, documents his life and work on an area of three thousand square metres, in the premises of a former 16th century brewery. In addition to Schiele’s work, there are also exhibitions of classic and world art of the 20th century, and a traditional café with Czech specialties for artists.

Český Krumlov Castle and Chateau - One of the most visited places in the Czech Republic

A castle or a chateau? That is what makes this architectural monument, soaring over Český Krumlov, unique. The original ground plan, construction as well as the interior installation shows the construction development from the 14th to the 19th century, and therefore you can enjoy both a medieval castle and a spectacular Renaissance residence. At present, there are many tourist attractions in the compound that are worth seeing. In addition to the guided tours, we also recommend visiting the exposition of the Castle Museum, which will take you through the times of prominent noblemen and the valuable chateau depositary. You can climb up the round chateau tower and look at the Šumava countryside! You can try working with hot iron in the blacksmith’s workshop under the supervision of an experienced blacksmith, and do not forget to see the bear moat! It is currently occupied by a bear called Maria Theresa.

Inner Town, Latrán and Museums for Children and Adults Alike - In the footprints of urban architecture

When visiting Český Krumlov, take a stroll through the inner town, completely surrounded with the meanders of the Vltava River, connected to the other districts with three bridges. The painted houses lining the square of náměstí Svornosti look like a movie set. There are Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque houses there. The wide façade of the Renaissance town hall or the hexagonal stone fountain built in the 19th century around the plague column dedicated to the Virgin Mary are also worth seeing. You can additionally visit the Torture Museum with an exposition of naturalistic macabre figurines. When travelling with children, take them to the Fairy-tale House, where there are three hundred historic puppets on display. And if you are on a stroll through Krumlov, take a detour to Latrán, another historic district. It is located in the outer bailey, north of the inner town, connected with a wooden bridge, called Lazebnický.

Vltava - The omnipresent quiet partner

The Vltava River. A paradise for fans of water sports, both experienced and lay. Its bottom stream, navigable all year round, offers peaceful wandering through the Šumava National Park, the Lipno water dam, the torn canyon under the Devil’s Wall and the deep valley of the České Budějovice basin. Český Krumlov is a town built on the river that used to be an important trading path. The river belongs to the town and wherever you go, you will always hear its peaceful ripples. Romantics will definitely enjoy the view of Krumlov from the river surface, such as on a wooden raft illuminated with candlewood in the dusk. You will feel as if you were in Venice! Or even better.

Tips for Trips around Český Krumlov

You will remember the romantic area with a breath-taking chateau in Hluboká nad Vltavou for a long time. The same applies to the village of Holašovice, famous for its unique buildings built in the folk baroque style in the 1870s. One of the most significant cultural monuments in South Bohemia is the only operating Cistercian monastery in the Czech Republic, which can be found in Vyšší Brod. Visitors can participate in the Tridentine mass every day. We also recommend visiting the Zlatá koruna monastery, one of the most valuable compounds of Gothic architecture in Central Europe.


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