Kutná Hora, the city of silver, is deservedly attributed the other name “national treasury”. This is to say that its wealth helped to ensure the boom of the Czech Kingdom. The centre of the city was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1995 thanks to its historical importance and architectural gems. All of the streets, houses and churches exude a long history full of important events. The symbol of Kutná Hora is the unique late Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara.


Minting coins in the royal mint

The Wallachian Court became the centre of economic events, seat of the rulers and the royal mint, in which the first groschen were already being minted under the reign of Wenceslas II, who called in experts to Kutná Hora from the Italian city of Florence and started a currency reform. Apart from the exhibition of minting coins, you can also visit the “Museum of Uncovering of the Mysterious Face”, where you will get to know criminals, witches, heretics and arsonists in the cellars of the Wallachian Court as well as their judges and executioners.

Bizarre decoration from human bones

Do you like unusual places? Then you absolutely must visit the complex of the former Cistercian Abbey in Sedlec near Kutná Hora. A visit to the UNESCO listed Cathedral Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist and the world famous Ossuary of the Cemetery Church of All Saints is an amazing experience in its own right. If you visit these places late in the evening, you will be accompanied by guides dressed in the habits of Cistercian monks. The premises of the cathedral and ossuary are lit only by candlelight and you have a great opportunity to listen to some Gregorian chant and the sound of the cathedral organ. However, the late Gothic Cathedral of Saint Barbara is a unique building, thanks to which your visit to this royal city will become a powerful experience. This architectural and church gem was built by the local master builders over the course of more than 500 years.

Get to know the wine making tradition

Vinné sklepy is a family company whose aim is to renew the faded glory and dust off the long tradition of viniculture in the Kutná Hora region. Local wines have borne the BIO label since 2009. A cycle path will take you from the picturesque square to the Pod Sukovem vineyards. The circuit which is 6 km in length connects the historical centre of Kutná Hora with the vineyards.
You can try some high quality wine in Kutná Hora, gain an insight into the tradition of minting coins and view some architectural gems.

Where else to set out for:

You can use Kutná Hora as the starting point for a trip to the Central Bohemian Poděbrady Spa or visit one of the chateaux which are located nearby. You will for example feel like you really are in the middle of a fairytale in Žleby.


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