The accommodation in an Art Nouveau villa from the early 20th century, which won the prestigious Amazing Places award in the Boutique Hotels 2022 category, will take your breath away. As will its story. The house was built as the family residence of architect Čapek, but during World War II the Nazis seized it and set up a centre for the Hitlerjugend. Today, however, the original charm of the villa is back in full glory!

You'll have the best time in the villa set in the charming landscape of the Bohemian Paradise with your family or just with your partner. Choose from 5 rooms or 1 apartment, or rent a small wooden cottage in the garden.

Wellness, picnic and sport = relaxation with a big R

Relax in the hot tub with a view of the countryside or pamper your body in the sauna. For a real treat, enjoy a picnic by the pond with a basket full of local delicacies.

The spacious garden invites you to enjoy plenty of sporting activities - play table tennis, badminton, pétanque or try your hand at archery. After a summer cinema or musical performance in the garden, you can swim in the biotope pond and recharge your batteries for an evening barbecue or you can roast a sausage by the fire. Wine lovers will fall in love with the wine cellar with the finest wines not only from Moravia but also from all over the world.

Rent a vintage car!

Would you like an unusual, stylish experience? How about a ride in a vintage car? No problem! In the garage of Villa Čapek, historic Tatra cars with which exploring the beauty of the fairy-tale surroundings will be a delight are parked. Or rent a quad bike, racing buggy or electric bike! There is also an electric car charging station at the villa.