The widows of Bohemian kings and princes resided in the rooms of Mělník Chateau in times long past. Did you know that according to legend, Princess Ludmila also stayed here? And do you have any idea what the aristocratic Lobkowicz family, who later settled here, ate?
Take a look into their kitchens and try the mushroom risotto with white wine in the Chateau Restaurant, prepared according to a recipe by Princess Ludmila or Venison cutlets with a plum sauce infused with the aroma of plum brandy and potatoes au gratin. The desserts are also enticing – the traditional puff pastry strudel stuffed with apple, served with a vanilla sauce and cinnamon whipped cream could be the ideal end to your meal. But you can try out other desserts in the chateau patisserie. The Lobkowicz family was famed not only for its beer, which you can try in the Chateau Restaurant, but also wine making, a tradition which persists to this very day. For this reason, you should visit the chateau cellars and winery exhibition in the museum here.