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Prague - City of a Hundred Spires
If you think skyscrapers are all the same, we hope Prague ones will change your mind.
The title provides a hint of the nature of the Czech capital, where the eyes of visitors are drawn upwards to the towers of the city’s many cathedrals, churches, and gateways. However, you can experience Prague’s unique beauty and soul differently! Look down from its „hundred“ of towers and admire the unusual bird’s-eye view of the historical squares, red-tiled roofs, and many bridges and long waterfront of the Vltava River.
Best Lookout Towers in Prague

Best Lookout Towers in Prague

Prague is said to be the city of a hundred spires. To see that with your own eyes, you need to visit one of the many scenic lookouts or climb one of the hundreds of spires. This claim can only be checked from high above. Here are a few tips of the best views of Prague.