Moravian tuscany road trip itinerary
The perfect trip for wine lovers exploring the Czech wine country with picturesque vineyards, romantic chateaus following the centuries old tradition.
South Moravia due to its beautiful landscape that resembles the one in Italy, it’s actually often called – Moravian Tuscany. And I know Prague might be a more famous Czech destination, but I promise you, this South Moravia road trip is worth adding to your (wine?) bucket list.

You’re most likely to start in BRNO, the second largest city in the Czech Republic and a charming capital of the South Moravia Region. Here’s the thing – I love Prague, but Brno was THE love at first sight. Smaller, cozier, and full of cute cafes, historical landmarks, cool pubs and quirky places.

Now it’s really time to hit the road! Rent a car in Brno and head south.

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