Experience Czechia like a local
Discover places hidden from regular tourists. Experience Czech cities through the eyes of locals! Avoid the crowds and explore hidden gems in the outskirts, green oases, bizarre remnants of the post-communist era, and places where local people truly live. USE-IT maps, created by locals, will be the perfect guides.

Do you know USE-IT maps?

USE-IT stands for tourist information for young people. USE-IT maps are created by young locals, non-commercial, free and up-to-date. USE-IT maps present cities in a sustainable way. Sustainable, as non-commercial, based on volunteering, mainly made by locals, and therefore give tips on "unusual" experiences, places - all the hidden gems, where you can meet local residents and experience the city in authentic way. Having a USE-IT map is like having a friend in the city that you were missing.
TOP 15 design stores in Prague

TOP 15 design stores in Prague

If brightly-coloured magnets in classic souvenir shops are not your cup of tea, you’re bound to appreciate our guide to Prague's designer boutiques. We present 15 places throughout the historical centre of Czechia’s capital and in its "hipster" haunts. From Czech glass and fashion through to children's toys, there’s something for everyone!