Experience authentic Czechia. Come in the off season
Streets without crowds of tourists. No queues for tickets. Cheaper tickets and flights. A wider choice of accommodation, often at better prices... Whichever way you look at it, travelling in the off-season has only benefits!
And that occasional rain shower? What are cosy cafés and restaurants for? A good coffee or a traditional Czech delicacy, such as frgál (pie), indiánek (dessert) or chlebíček (open-faced sandwich), tastes best when you are sheltered from the rain. Visiting museums and galleries or browsing in shops in gloomy weather is even more fun. Many castles and chateaus are open all year round. Especially on overcast days, or when the summer holidays or Christmas holidays are over, you need to cheer up. And travelling is a guaranteed cure for being under the weather!

You will simply fall in love with colourful Czechia

Czechia is at its most touristy in the summer months, from June to August. The mountain areas are busiest in winter, especially in January and February, when the ski season peaks. We therefore recommend that you plan your visit to the Czech Republic for spring or autumn. This is when the towns and countryside have an unforgettable charm. Either everything is green and blooming, or nature is wrapped in warm earthy colours... It's neither too hot nor too cold – the perfect condition for walking! And on top of that, there are lots of great events taking place at this time of year.

Stop and relax

Autumn and spring are also the perfect times to visit the Czech Republic if you want to relax and recharge your batteries. For example, the spa town of Karlovy Vary, which is part of the UNESCO-listed West Bohemian spa triangle, is magical at this time. Lounging in the thermal water while the rain drums on the window ledges... Yes please!
Czech Spas - Healing Power of Nature

Czech Spas - Healing Power of Nature

The healing power of natural springs in today's Czechia was already known to the ancient Romans and Celts. Goethe, Beethoven, famous movie stars and influential aristocrats walked down their colonnades. Luxury, comfort and top service, which were enjoyed by the rich and famous, are waiting for you in a modern form. Got yourself packed yet? The Karlovy Vary Region with its geysers of health and other Czech spas await you!

Travel cheaper and greener

Outside of the peak season, you can choose from more hotels and guesthouses thanks to lower occupancy rates, and save money too. The same goes for restaurants. You can also get cheaper airline and bus tickets. If possible, however, you should opt for train or bus transport to reduce the environmental impact. It's easy to get to Czechia by train from many European cities. And don't worry, travelling around the Czech Republic won't be complicated either. You won't find such a dense rail network anywhere else in Europe!

Get to know the real Czechia

One of the biggest benefits of travelling in off season, however, is that you get to experience the authentic Czechia. You won't have to deal with crowds of tourists at the main sights, and you'll avoid crowded streets and squares. You'll be able to explore the destination better and you'll get in touch with the locals much more often. Off-season travel is simply awesome!

Quick Facts

  • Best time to visit Czechia: March–May, September–November 
  • High tourist season: June–August
  • Off season: November–March

Tips for places in Czechia where it's absolutely magical in the off season

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