How to get around Czechia sustainably
The best means of transport to the city? Bike-sharing!
For sightseeing, for exhibitions, for shopping or just for fun... Cycling is a fast, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly way to get around town. Not to mention its benefits for our health. In recent years, the use of bike-sharing has skyrocketed - you can rent a bicycle in most major (and often small) Czech cities. All you need to rent is a mobile phone and a credit card. It's easy peasy. Let's go!

Rent, drive and return  

Need to move somewhere fast? Hop on a shared bike, available 24/7, and enjoy a ride in a number of Czech cities. Your transfers will be much easier and shorter. There are a few bike-sharing providers in Czechia, but the most common are the pink bicycles from Rekola and the blue ones from Nextbike

Rekola is a purely Czech company that used to repair old bikes and give them a new life during weekend workshops. Today it runs bike-sharing services in Prague, Brno, České Budějovice, and Prostějov.

Operating in 25 Czech cities, the most widely available bike-sharing provider in Czechia is Nextbike. Their blue bicycles are made in Hořice near Hradec Králové, so they perfectly represent quality Czech work. In most cities, you get the first 15 minutes of each ride for free.

How to rent a bicycle

Your first rental will only take a few minutes. All you need is a mobile phone and a payment card.
  1. Download the chosen provider’s app for free in the App Store or Google Store and get registered.
  2. Before your ride, check out the zone or stations where you can rent and return the bike. 
  3. Scan the QR code on your chosen bike with your mobile phone and the bike will get automatically unlocked.
  4. When your ride is over, simply return the bicycle to the locations marked in the app and push the lock on the bike into its original position.
  5. The app will confirm that the bike has been returned. And that's it!

Did you know…

…that according to the EU CO2 target, by 2050, EU27 greenhouse gas emissions from transport should not yearly exceed 588 kg CO2 per person? This is equivalent to
  • 2170 km with the car,
  • 5822 km with the bus,
  • 28,000 km with the bicycle.

Download the app and check out the prices + other info!