How to get around Czechia sustainably
Travel Like a Local. 7 Reasons to Use Public Transport in Czechia
There are many advantages to using public transport. It's more environmentally friendly than driving a car, you blend in with the locals, and most importantly, you don't have to worry about traffic jams and stress about where to park in crowded cities. Many cities in the Czech Republic even have dedicated bus and tram lanes, so you can get around faster than by car. By the way, did you know that public transportation in Prague is the 2nd best in the world?

1.     Avoid Traffic Jams and Help Alleviate Them Yourself

As we have already mentioned – who would want to be stuck in a traffic jam when trams and buses in the Czech Republic have priority lanes and are therefore faster? Moreover, a recent study showed that 1 full public transport bus can replace up to 55 cars with one passenger! Ugh, just imagine the queue!

2.     Help Reduce CO2 Emissions and Fossil Fuel Consumption

Travelling by train, bus, metro or tram greatly reduces dependence on fossil fuel supplies. By using public transport, you help reduce air pollution in and around the city you visit. 

3.     Contribute to Improving Life in the Given Area

Combine the two above recommendations... and not only you, but the locals will be happier too!

4.     Extra Physical Activity

Moving to and from public transport stops will ensure a bit of that activity on your part. Do something for your health! 

5.     Meet with the Locals

Local people use public transport routinely. It's a place where different cultures mingle.

6.     Public Transport Allows You to Relax

More time for yourself. When you take public transport, you can relax – read the news on the internet or a chapter of your book, have a chat or take a nap.  But be careful not to miss your stop 😊  

7.     The Choice Is Yours!

Get to know the cities from different angles. You can opt for the bus, train, metro, tram or trolley. In Prague we even have a ferry and a cable car. Do you prefer views or speed? It's up to you.

Check out public transport in various Czech cities!