How to get around Czechia sustainably
You Can Get Everywhere by Train in Czechia!
Czechia has the densest rail network in Europe, so you can get to every corner of this picturesque country by train. Taking the train is in many ways a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and safer mode of transport than driving. Not to mention the convenience, the peace of mind, the time to read or watch movies and the zero nerves when looking for a parking space... Train travel simply has everything one could wish for!

On the Rails to a Greener Future

Did you know that trains use 30% less energy per person than cars and 20% less than planes? They also produce less noise and are much more sustainable in terms of CO2 emissions. But you don't have to be a responsible traveller to appreciate all the benefits of Czech train transport.

In the Heart of the Action and without the Nerves

A big plus of travelling by train is that when you reach your destination, you'll be right in the centre of the action. Stations, unlike airports, are located in the heart of cities. And when you get there by train, you don't even have to worry about parking.

Travel around Czechia like a Local, It's a Doddle!

You won't get lost on Czech Railways. Like most Czechs, download the IDOS app↗ (or check out their website). With it, you can easily search for a connection, buy a ticket (not only for all rail carriers operating in the Czech Republic, but also for international connections) and you're ready to go. If the app doesn't suit you, you can of course buy your ticket directly from the carrier of your choice.

If you prefer to buy tickets in person, that won't be a problem either. You can buy ČD tickets at any train station. As for the carriers Regio Jet and Leo Express, they only have branches at some stations. But there is definitely not a shortage of them; don't worry, you can find them in at least every major city!

Enjoy Some Me Time

Travelling by train is sooo comfortable... On the way, you can enjoy the views of the countryside, read in peace, watch your favourite TV show or even work. In Czechia today, the vast majority of trains have an electrical socket, Wi-Fi and a table on which you can put your laptop and do what you need to do. In some Regio Jet carriages (and it's not just business class) you can even watch movies or play games on the screens on the seats in front of you, just like on a plane. Not only will the kids have fun, but so will you.

On Czech Trains, You Will Get a Treat

You can stretch out or walk around comfortably at any time on the train, or even visit the dining car for a snack – no gastronomic bluffs on Czech trains! For example, in the dining cars of ČD's Pendolino trains, not only are Czech cuisine specialities on the menu, but you even get Czech beer on tap! On Leo Express and Regio Jet trains, you can order proper meals delivered directly to your seat.

Children Don't Get Bored on Czech Trains

If you are travelling with children, a children's section is the perfect solution for you. On many trains on Czech railways, you can book a seat in a special spacious compartment where children don't have to sit on the seat, but can move around freely, play, draw, watch cartoons... And parents can enjoy a moment to themselves.

Take the Train to Bike

Not only children, but also cyclists are welcome on Czech Railways. Eco-friendly train travel and cycling go well together. Simply choose a suitable train connection (just tick this option in the filter in IDOS↗) that will take you to an interesting starting point. No matter where you cycle in the Czech Republic, you'll always be able to hop on a train and head back to your accommodation.
Czech Railways offers an interesting service. Thanks to ČD Bike↗ you don't have to travel by train with your own bike. Instead, you can rent a bike from the rental shop at the station where you want to start your trip and return the bike at any other station.
Whether you want to travel in an environmentally friendly way or just enjoy a stress-free, comfortable journey and maybe even meet some interesting people, it's worth taking the train!