The peak of Ondřejník in the Beskyd Mountains is a popular hiking destination and has also suffered a bark beetle disaster in recent years and has lost its trees. However, as a result of the Trees for Ondřejník - plant a tree project, its peak is becoming green again.

The public tree planting event is usually repeated twice a year, in spring and autumn, which means you also have the opportunity to lend a hand and plant your tree. The event is intended to show the public how important the work by forestry workers is and to remind people of how important forests are for all of us.​

The peak of Ondřejník used to be completely covered in trees and its bald top has been a sad sight in recent years. Some species of animal also disappeared along with the trees. On the other hand, the spruce trees, which do not belong in this location, also disappeared thanks to the bark beetle disaster. Visitors to Ondřejník can now look forward to beech and fir growth, which are of greater benefit to the landscape.​

Everyone who helps plant trees on Ondřejník can find out more about the forest cycle, from planting, through the labour-intensive care, to use of wood as a raw material.  The “Trees for Ondřejník - plant your tree” event is regularly organised by the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Bishop’s Forests.

Season: at least twice a year, on the announced dates​
Location: Beskyd Mountains
Duration: 2,5 hours
Capacity: 180 people depending on registration​
Language: Czech, English

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