Sluňákov - ecological activity centre​
The environmental education complex is situated in peaceful surroundings on the edge of the riparian forest in the Litovel Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area.​

The low-energy house was built in 2007 on a green field. And it won the Grand Prix architect award in the same year. It is shaped like a half-moon and is covered by an earth mound from one side so that it disrupts the surrounding nature as little as possible. It is built of wood, concrete, glass, stone and unfired bricks. The structural design of the house primarily utilises the principles of solar architecture, the immense thickness of thermal insulation and mechanical ventilation with heat recuperation.​
Companies and organisations can use this space for instruction and seminars or corporate events. The house offers generous common areas and pleasant corners, conference areas, accommodation, catering and outdoor activities. Bikes are available for hire and there is also an information centre.

Season: all year
Location: Horka nad Moravou
Duration: by arrangement​
Capacity: biggest salon - 110 guests​
Language: Czech, English

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