Handmade original pottery in Maříž

Handmade original pottery in Maříž

Maříž ceramics: paint your own mug!

Come to Maříž in South Bohemia, a small village near Slavonice in the heart of the Czech Canada Nature Park, which has become famous in recent decades for its original multi-coloured ceramics.

In Maříž takes place a creative workshop, in which you will make various ceramics by hand under the guidance and professional assistance of an experienced lecturer. For those who want to learn more about handmade ceramics, there are excursions to the workshop in Maříž. You will see potters and painters who make and paint designer mugs, teapots and other types of ceramics. You will also learn something about the technology of ceramics production and the tools needed for the production process.

Season: year-round
Reservation: required
Location: Slavonice
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: up to 60 people

More information:
South Bohemia Convention Bureau