2023/24 winter season in Czechia: News and opening dates for Czech ski resorts

2023/24 winter season in Czechia: News and opening dates for Czech ski resorts

Enjoy some chilled-out skiing in (and beyond) Czechia’s mountains!

2023/24 winter season in Czechia: News and opening dates for Czech ski resorts
December sees most Czech ski resorts open up their gates - this year even more modern, comfortable, sustainable and a little bit bigger. And at the same prices as last year! First-rate services, excellent facilities for parents and children, cosy pubs with the aroma of Czech winter culinary specialties wafting through the doors... These are Czechia’s mountains, gentle hills that are simply perfect for a carefree winter holiday for the whole family.

Czechia’s longest ski slope can be found in Dolní Morava

It seems that Czechia’s winter resorts are racing to see which can build the country’s longest ski slope by 2025. Last year, first place went to the Klínovec Ski Resort with its new 3.4-kilometer track, but this year the title has been claimed by the Dolní Morava Mountain Resort in West Bohemia. The new 3.7-kilometre family downhill slope not only offers amazing views, but is also nice and wide, at least 25 metres all the way along. With one ski pass you can ski on more than 10 km of fully snow-covered downhill tracks of all difficulty levels at one of Czechia’s best resorts, packed with first-rate services and attractions. The start of the ski season in Dolní Morava is planned for the first weekend in December.

Yet Dolní Morava holds another record, not just the longest track! You can also take a walk along the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge and have a real blast on the second longest bobsled track of its kind in Europe! It’s open all year round.

Špindlerův Mlýn – new downhill slopes and wider tracks 

The new tracks and the extension and modification of existing ones now mean you can enjoy a far better sporting experience at Czechia’s most famous winter centre, the Špindlerův Mlýn Ski Resort in the Krkonoše Mountains, where the winter season starts on 9 December. The biggest news from the Krkonoše resort, which is also where Olympic champion Ester Ledecká trains and which regularly hosts the Alpine Ski World Cup, is the completion of the first phase of the project to connect the Svatý Petr and Medvědín ski resorts - resulting in the creation of two new main downhill slopes. Linking the resorts will make skiing much safer and of course far more enjoyable on the wider slopes. There are cable cars to carry skiers between the two resorts, meaning it’s no longer necessary to get around town by car or on the bus.


Monínec – guaranteed snow and more sustainable skiing near Prague

The first Czech ski resort to start the winter season is Monínec, just about an hour away from Prague by car. You can ski here from as early as 17 November! Wondering how this is possible when all the surrounding meadows are still green? Well, it’s because of the new snow reservoir, utilizing innovative, environmentally-friendly and economical technology that can preserve last year's snow. Thanks to the Snowfactory, snow can be produced even at temperatures as high as 15 °C, allowing for the long-term storage and subsequent recycling of both natural and artificial snow. So even if the natural conditions are not ideal in winter, there’s sure to be snow at Monínec!

Planning to come skiing in the Czech Republic? Our practical guide to Czechia’s ski resorts is sure to come in handy!

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