Restaurants, Cafes, Bars
Fancy something sweet? In the mood for an evening drink? No problem!
The Czech gastronomic scene is developing rapidly. Each year, new concepts appear, and traditional dining places emerge with various new improvements. In addition to traditional pubs and fine-dining restaurants, especially in larger cities such as Prague, Brno, Olomouc or Ostrava, you will come across a wide range of vegan restaurants and experimental bistros. Coffee lovers should get acquainted with the rich local coffee culture and head to Brno, Olomouc or Prague to experience the famous café scene. It boasts elegant Art Nouveau cafés evocative of days long gone, as well as inspiring modern cafés serving great coffee, often locally roasted. And what about the local nightlife? In larger cities, you will find places that pulse with life until late at night. In Brno, for instance, in a relatively small simple city centre, bars of renown far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic attract visitors from far and wide.

Gastronomy Events

Delicious foods on offer not just inside restaurants! Visit some of the gastronomy events on offer.

You can taste quality local or, conversely, foreign food and drink at some of the gastronomic events, food festivals, festivals of mini-breweries, various grape harvest vintage festivals or at Easter and Christmas markets. Food festivals are usually held in spring and summer, vintage grape harvest festivals in September or early October, and markets in city centres are usually connected with Easter in early spring or Christmas in December. The most popular open-air events certainly include the Garden Food Festival, the Karlovský Gastrofestival in Velké Karlovice, the Hop and Beer Festival in Žatec and the Advent Markets in Prague, Olomouc and Brno.