The Czech Republic is a country where beer and wine are literally national treasures. It’d be hard to find anybody in the entire country who would doubt that Czech beer is the best in the world. Meanwhile, the renown of Moravian wine is growing by the year and its excellent quality is beginning to turn the Czech Republic into a wine superpower. However, beer and wine have broader uses than might appear to be the case at first glance. Visit the aromatic world of beer and wine spas, which promise perfect pleasure, not only for your taste buds but for your body too!

The tradition of hop cultivation has a long history in the Czech Republic. Beer of the highest quality has been brewed here for centuries, and it has become deeply embedded in the national culture. It’s no coincidence that the Czech Republic has the world’s highest consumption of the amber nectar. Foreign tourists contribute greatly to this record; Czech “liquid bread” has become so popular with visitors that they couldn’t imagine a holiday in the Czech Republic without a dewy glass of beer. But did you know that, as well as tasting great, Czech beer also possesses healing qualities? Modern science has managed to determine its qualities perfectly and has discovered that beer demonstrably boosts the organism’s stamina, benefits the vascular system, helps relax the muscles and harmonises bodily functions. Beer genuinely is “to your health”!

Bathe in beer in Karlovy Vary

You can indulge in beer wellness both at spa centres and elsewhere. In the very heart of the best-known Czech spa, Karlovy Vary, you can experience for yourself the unique effects of beer at the First Beer Spa. There you can bathe in handmade whirling tubs of Royal Oak, an eternal symbol of longevity and endurance. The bath is based on an original recipe consisting of brewer’s yeast, selected varieties of hops, malt and peat extract. While bathing, you can drink an unlimited amount of light and dark beer, helping the hydration of your body. You will be rewarded by not only the taste of excellent beer, but also the release of tension, fatigue and stress, the washing out of harmful substances from your body, the regeneration of your skin and absolute mental and physical relaxation. Beer spas can also be found at other spa towns, such as Jeseník in Moravia.

Beer for thirst and health

Rejuvenating spa therapies using a combination of the healing effects of hot mineral water, beer, the ingredients used to brew it, and special massages are a unique way to make your stay at Chodová Planá Beer Spa even more memorable. Its procedures have a curative effect on the complexion and hair, relax the muscles and joints and boost immunity. This unique therapy employing the Czech national beverage can also be enjoyed at the Novosad Harrachov Beer Spa in the heart of the highest Czech mountains, the Krkonoše. Your other half can also experience the entire procedure in a special double bath. You will also appreciate the beneficial effects of beer at BBB Bahenec Beer Spa in the wonderful landscape of the Beskids mountain range, or in the unique underground environment of Sladovna Beer Spa in Černá Hora, with its rich selection of beer procedures. If you spend your stay in just the capital, don’t despair – you can also immerse yourself in a beer spa in Prague, at the ZOTO Beer Spa in the Old Town.

Wine romance at a chateau

You don’t need to be a sommelier to appreciate the wonderful taste and qualities of Moravian wine. Allow yourself to be pampered at First Czech Wine Wellness in Hustopeče, which offers over 20 curative and relaxation procedures. A total body massage with grape seed oil will take you to seventh heaven, your skin will glow thanks to a unique exfoliating paste made from crushed seeds, and vine wraps will help you fight excess weight and cellulite. You will literally receive the royal treatment at the Chateau Wine Baths at Zábřeh Chateau; unwind in a grape seed oil bath in a wooden tub reminiscent of a wine barrel and enjoy a gentle massage or scrub, all against the romantic backdrop of flickering flames by the fireplace in the unique environment of a Renaissance chateau.