Exhibition Great Moravia and the beginnings of Christianity
The exhibits, many of which are priceless items of cultural heritage and are being exhibited for the first time ever, are on loan from 35 institutions. They mostly consist of valuable jewels, particularly from the most important centers of Great Moravia – Mikulčice, Staré Město-Uherské Hradiště agglomeration, Břeclav-Pohansko, Olomouc and Bojná. The exhibition will also present more remote findings of Great Moravian character (Chotěbuz-Podobora fortified settlement and the findings from the princely graves of Stará Kouřim), which illustrate the importance and impact of Great Moravia in the wider context of Central Europe. Several units deserve special attention – the well-known discovery of silver vessels and jewelry, the so-called treasure of a Byzantine merchant from Zemiansky Vrbovok, the princely double grave in Kolín, the funerary jewelry of a princess in Želénky and the personal items of a richly furnished tomb of a princess in Stará Kouřim


Prague Castle (Imperial Stables)