Bakers’ Saturday
Throughout the day the visitors of the Wallachian open-air museum will be able to taste baked products from all participating bakers. A professional jury will choose the best breads and rolls from the samples provided and in the morning a Bakers’ Triathlon consisting of unconventional disciplines will take place (run with a wheelbarrow and 3 sacks of flour – Grist to the Mill; run on stilts with a baker’s basket on one’s back – Over the Hills; run with a pint of beer placed on a baker’s peel –Baker’s Pint Race) that will grab the attention of children as well as adults. There will be plenty of events in the course of the whole day – from morning to late afternoon. The first floor of the museum’s town hall will hold a small exhibition of bakery products until midday.


Rožnov pod Radhoštěm