Alpabzug: A Swiss-style celebration
Due to success in previous years, this year’s Alpabzug will be started by accompanying program on Friday the 2nd, when alphornists from the Jungfrau region will play in front of the hotel Mosaic House. Another chance to listen to alphornists’ play will present itself on Saturday morning at the market on the waterfront by the stand of the company Swiss Cheese. Alpabzug means the descent of cows from their summer Alpine pastures to valleys. Visitors will experience this tradition during Saturday main program at Bertramka, where they can join a parade with decorated cows. The descent will be accompanied by the music of alpine horns. Come and enjoy a day full of Switzerland at Smíchov! An eventful program for children and adults will be prepared on the spot, including competitions for valuable Swiss prices. Mrs. Doris Windlin, a Swiss artist living in the Czech Republic, will show how to make traditional cheese. The cheese made during the Prague Alpabzug will be ready for tasting in its fresh form or as raclette. Lover of bikes Mr. Jakub Ditrich will talk about experiences from his trip with Martin Severa on electric bikes over the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Visitors will have the opportunity to test the e-bike from this expedition at Bertramka. During the event visitors will get acquainted with many other mostly Swiss specialties, such as cheese products of the company Swiss Cheese, bratwursts of Zimbo, wine from the family vineyard Jedlicka, Bořetice or products of the NGO Union Roska – the multiple sclerosis affected in the Czech Republic. The Center of serivices Sun for All will provide catering. Those who like tasty food are also invited to Žofín Garden for Sunday Swiss brunch.