This remarkable exhibition offers a completely new view, corresponding to the technologies of the 21st century, of the world‘s most comprehensive collection of the Czech Art Nouveau master, gathered by the former number one in tennis Ivan Lendl. Thanks to the fact, that Mucha‘s posters were put in motion digitally, and it was done in a highly professional way, all visitors will have the chance to meet with animated models, be surrounded by scenes from the Slav Epic and even have Alfons Mucha himself speaking to them.
The outstanding concept of the exhibition moves the Art Nouveau period more than hundred years forward, whereas visitors can travel hundred years back in time. The masterful architectonic design of the concept accompanies the most important milestones in Mucha‘s life and work, which are complemented with the most important information from a leading expert on Alfons Mucha. The exhibition presents almost 240 of the most eye-catching artefacts. The entire exhibition is thus a unique set of impressions of stunning monumentality, digital effects, easy comprehension and appeal to the general public, as well as the most interesting information and moments of Mucha‘s era.
The exhibition is part of a unique international project iMucha, which is reviving and spreading the legacy and work of Alfons Mucha, world-class painter, graphic artist, designer and legend of the Art Nouveau style. The iMucha project authors claim with exaggeration that they will revive the Belle Epoque and fill it with contemporary energy. At the same time, they show what works of progressive Alfons Mucha would look like if he lived these days. They reveal the secrets of the mystical genius and introduce the incredible volume of his work to the general public.


Municipal House
náměstí Republiky 1090/ 5
110 00 Prague