Santini Immortalis
The work of the genius architect Santini has been an inspiration for centuries and appeals to the current generation of students of the Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen, too. Take a look at the exhibition of their semester works on the principles of Santini's work. This is right in the UNESCO Cathedral in Kutná Hora, into which Santini wove his unique building elements.
The students of the Graphic Design and Digital Media Studio have explored the floor plans of Santini's buildings, in which they find a masterful grasp of geometric design. Lines, symbols, mathematics, mysticism, composition, and grids consisting of circles influenced each student. The exhibition includes a loop of short animated videos that digitally unfold the names, networks, and independent life and work of the unique architect.

Santini's masterpiece

The exhibition takes place right inside the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady in Sedlec near Kutná Hora. Together with the world-famous ossuary in Sedlec, this cathedral forms a complete complex of the oldest part of Kutná Hora, which is listed by UNESCO.

The genius Jan Blažej Santini - Aichel realized his ideas of Baroque Gothic on the Sedlec church. His work is the original design of the main façade and the overall unique design of the church interior. Santini also wove into the building world unique structural elements - a self-supporting vault called the Bohemian plaque and a self-supporting spiral staircase. UNESCO Sedlec Cathedral, Kutná Hora


Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady
U Zastávky 280, Sedlec
284 03 Kutná Hora