Battle on White Mountain
During this reconstruction you can expect breathtaking show - hundreds of soldiers and other performers from whole Europe, horse riders, historical weapons, all together with epic music and special effects.

Both armies clashed on 8th of November 1620 on  White Mountain, only few kilometers from Prague town walls. This battle might be considered more or less just as a skirmish especially because it lasted just 2 hours, but it decided about the destiny of whole Bohemian Estates rebellion. The Bohemian Estates were holding much better position, because their army was spread over a small hill and part of  their troops were very difficult to reach especially because of defensive trenches which were made the night before the battle. Moreover they had several more advantages against Catholic Leagues army. They were well rested, fed and sturdy Prague walls were covering their potential withdrawal.
Battle on White Mountain was the very last resist of Bohemian Estate and the loss of this battle meant the end of this rebellion. This fact strongly influenced the destiny of Bohemia for another 300years. Consequences were following. Everybody has to convert to catholic faith or leave the country. Moreover 27 leaders of Bohemian Estate were executed on 21st of June on Old town square. Even though after this battle the position of Habsburgs in Bohemia were getting stronger the rebellion of Bohemian Estate triggered much more serious conflict. The thirty years war.