National St. Wenceslas Pilgrimage

National St. Wenceslas Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage festival, held in the centre of Stara Boleslav every year on 28 September, has become the main event of the Czech National Day.

September 26 2024 - September 28 2024
National St. Wenceslas Pilgrimage
The pilgrimage brings thousands of pilgrims to Stará Boleslav, together with representatives of the Church and the State, and is a popular occasion for cultural programmes and folk entertainment, in addition to spiritual fellowship. Thanks to the live broadcast of the National St. Wenceslas Pilgrimage, Stará Boleslav enjoys the attention of the general public every year on St. Wenceslas Day.
On 27 September, the relics of Prince Wenceslas are carried from Prague Castle to Stará Boleslav with all honours, and bells ring throughout the country, calling the faithful to join in common prayer for our nation. The focal point of the entire St. Wenceslas Day celebration is the concelebrated Holy Mass on 28 September at Mariánské Square in Stará Boleslav.

In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI visited Stara Boleslav on the occasion of the National St. Wenceslas Pilgrimage.


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